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Rosanna Angus is a Jawi woman whose family lived on Sunday Island, during the early mission days. Learn about Bardi Jawi culture and the Dreaming stories connected to Sunday Island and the turbulent waters that seperate it from the mainland. Explore tranquil, unspoilt locations and learn about the cultural and environmental significance of this spectacular marine reserve. 

Places we visit along the way

Ardyaloon Community
A brief visit to beautiful Middle Beach. Discover the story behind the establishment of Ardyaloon and its connection to Sunday Island.

Pearl Passage
We navigate the turbulent waters of this narrow pass between Jooloom and Jayirri islands and discover its cultural significance.

Place of running water, Goodngarngoon is a place of great cultural importance the Bardi Jawi people.

a nature filled & culturally rich location

The remote Kimberley coast is an untouched wilderness rich in Aboriginal culture. Abundant with wildlife, the sheltered Buccaneer Archipelago and King Sound are nurseries for humpback whale calves and three types of dolphin. The Kimberley Marine Park is home to dugongs, manta rays, sea turtles, hammerhead and tiger sharks as well as countless migratory birds and territorial birds of prey.  Encompassing an area over 74,000 square kilometres it includes some of Australia's most remote and pristine coastline.

Tour Prices

Adults - $350
Children - $250
(under 15 yrs)
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