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I love telling my stories and sharing Culture

You never know who is going to jump on the boat.

Rosanna Angus is a Jawi woman from the remote Kimberley region. Growing up in a large family where her Jawi Culture was celebrated, Rosanna discovered a passion for sharing Culture and Country with visitors to the region. Her first taste of tourism was as a 16 year old helping out as a guide in her uncle’s tour business.

Fast forward to 2019 and Rosanna finally realised a lifelong dream to run her own tourism business, sharing the stories from her grandfather’s Country on Ewuny (Sunday Island).

Come on the Journey

On tour with Bill Bailey

Meet Rosanna

Owner/operator of Oolin Tours

After taking out Australia’s coveted, Top Tourism award, Rosanna’s goal is to work with and inspire other young Jawi people to forge their own paths in tourism by providing training to young guides through Oolin Sunday Island Tours.

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