The journey

Hear the story of the Journey of the Tide Drifters as you retrace the ocean journey from Bardi Country on the mainland through the network of islands and tidal passages that make up Jawi Country.
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Sunday Island Mission
was established in 1899 by Sydney Hadley. Home to many Jawi and Bardi people until its closure in 1962.


Running Water - A very special place that holds important stories from our culture and Dreamtime.


Oolin Beach
Holds important stories from our Culture and Dreamtime give us a connection to this special place.


Middle Passage
these turbulent waters were navigated by the Jawi tide drifters using BielBiel rafts made from mangrove wood.


One Arm Point
was established in the 70’s  becoming home to Bardi and Jawi People after the closure of the mission.


Traditional name for Cygnet Bay, a place characterised by turquiose waters, mangroves and tidal mudflats.

West Kimberley Language Groups

Much like the rest of Australia, the Kimberley  is made up of many different and distinct groups, each with their own culture, customs and language. Many now live with a foot on both worlds, living contemporary lives while observing cultural practices and lore in an effort to ensure their culture and knowledge survives for the future generations.

The Bardi and Jawi (Djawi) are the traditional owners from the tip of the Dampier Peninsula and the islands at the entrance of King Sound.

a Saltwater adventure

Join us on a journey that began thousands of years ago through what is today known as the Middle Passage. We pass through the whirlpools and eddies  between Jooloom and Jayirru and allow you to experience the power of some of the World’s biggest tidal waters and learn how these massive tidal currents were used by the Jawi people to hunt, fish and trade.

A marine reserve

The turbulent tidal waters are now the part of an important marine reserve. Co-designed under the joint management of the Bardi and Jawi, Mayala and Dambimangarri Traditional Owners, the marine park covers 74,469 square kilometres, with depths from less than 15 metres to 800 metres. The Traditional Owner's role in managing and caring for saltwater country is important for sustaining traditional food sources, protecting, and sharing culture and telling our story by continuing the unbroken connection to our sea country.