“ Goorna Liyarn Nyumi Jirra Buru Oolin Ngun”

“ Good feeling on my Grandfather Country”

Join us on journey began thousands of years ago, through the turbulent tidal waters of King Sound, which has the highest tides in Australia, and second highest in the world. These treacherous waterways have been used by the Jawi people for millennia to hunt, fish and trade through the six seasons, from their island home... Ewuny.


Your Guide, Rosanna Angus

Voted Australia’s Top Tour Guide, 2023

You’re in good hands with Oolin Tours owner and tour guide, Rosanna.
In 2023, facing some tough competition from six other states, Rosanna took out Australia’s Top Tour Guide Award, following on from winning Best Tourism Business at a state level in 2022.

“Not bad for a girl from out woop-woop”, says Rosanna.

Sunday Island Mission

Discover a little known part of Australia’s history

Hear about life at the Sunday Island Mission, visit the barge landing and learn when and why the mission closed and where the people went. Discover this little known, unique piece of Australia’s history and hear the collective stories of those who grew up and lived on the mission.

Sunday Island Mission

Visit beautiful Ewuny

The traditional country of the Jawi people, Ewuny, is a pristine island paradise that sits within the protected Bardi Jawi Gaarra Marine Park.

Follow the journey
of the Tide Drifters

Explore the journey of the Jawi people

For thousands of years, the Jawi people navigated the treacherous, tidal waterways that separate Ewuny from the mainland on small rafts called Biel Biel, made from mangrove wood. The arrival of the Sunday Island Mission irrevocably changed the traditional lives of the Jawi people forever.