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Follow the journey
of the Tide Drifters

Retracing an ancient journey

Join us on a journey that began thousands of years ago through what is today known as the Middle Passage. We pass through the whirlpools and eddies  between Jooloom and Jayirri and allow you to experience the power of some of the World’s biggest tidal waters and learn how these massive tidal currents were used by the Jawi people to hunt, fish and trade.

A rare opportunity

After the tour, if time and tides permit you’ll have the chance to cast a line, swim on a sheltered beach in crystal clear turquoise waters or just relax on the white sands of a secluded bay and enjoy a yarn with your Jawi guides before boarding the boat for the journey home.

Tour Overview

Your Jawi Guide

Rosanna Angus is a Jawi woman whose family lived on Sunday Island, she shares stories of life on the island before the mission closed in 1962. Discover who started the Mission and why Sunday Island was chosen as the site. Learn about life at the Mission and why the culture is still strong. 

A unique piece of our history

This unique piece of Australia’s history has remained hidden from many for too long. The collective stories of those who grew up at the mission have been collected and recorded.
We look forward to sharing these stories with you on
Oolin Sunday Island Cultural Tours